There are two separate macro tutorials on this site, one for Excel and one for Word. I would advise starting with the program that you use more often. If you use both on a regular basis I would suggest starting with the Excel tutorial, since I think the Excel object model is easier to understand.

These tutorials were written for beginners, and their scope is deliberately limited. You will not become a macro expert by reading these tutorials. In fact, you will not become proficient in writing macros just by reading anything about macros. The only way to accomplish that is by experience: you should practice writing macros, using the various commands and techniques explained in this tutorial. Do not be afraid to experiment. And be prepared to endure some frustration as you struggle to figure some things out on your own. The rewards of learning how to write macros are well worth it.

Your feedback regarding the tutorials is welcome. I am especially interested in your comments regarding the content of the tutorials, whether the explanations are clear, and the coverage adequate. I encourage you to send your suggestions for improving the tutorials to me at tutorial@shkatz.com.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to help you with specific problems with macros you are writing. However, should you need help there are many sites and message boards where people will look at your macro code and tell you why it is not working, or suggest improvements.

I do write custom macros for clients. If you are interested in having me write macros for your business, or for yourself personally, I would be happy to discuss arrangements for doing so.

One final request: For now there is no charge for these tutorials, but as we all know nothing in life is free. If you find these tutorials useful, please repay my generosity in making these tutorials available by being generous yourself, and make a donation to your favorite charity. May I suggest an amount of at least US$36? Thank you.

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